A debt recovery service that gets results

Persuasion, resolve and persistence - these are the core strengths of our team, all of whom are well qualified and receive regular training in techniques for following up debts by phone and in person, and in psychological approaches for dealing with debtors.

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At BGR CARAÏBES, we prefer to go about our business in an amicable way so as to avoid stalemate situations which can result in long and costly legal proceedings.

Every case is handled individually, and with all due care and attention. Willingness to listen, tact, conciliation and persuasion play an essential role.
They are vital for good communication, which is the key to a successful relationship.
BGR CARAÏBES gives specific consideration to each debtor's financial situation so as to set realistic payment arrangements.
We keep the information we handle totally private, and we work with complete transparency.
An ethical approach is part of our DNA.

We work in a profession which is regulated by articles R14-1 et seq. of the French Civil Enforcement Proceedings Code which sets out obligations. As a member of the ANCR (National association of debt recovery and business information firms), which is listed on the French Commercial and Companies Register, we comply with the legal obligations and regulations of our professional organisation.
(Article R124-1 to 3 of the Civil Enforcement Proceedings Code and French Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on data protection).

Our philosophy

Our Mission

ABOVE ALL to act as MEDIATORS. Finding common ground with your debtor is the key to final settlement of the debt in the shortest possible time.

From the moment we begin managing your cases, we contact your debtor in a firm manner via written and telephone reminders following a predetermined scenario: notice to pay, final demand, notification of legal proceedings, etc.

Negotiations will also be undertaken with your debtor to set up a scrupulously monitored repayment plan.

An acknowledgement of debt will then be signed to guarantee the validity of your claim.

A home visit is automatically arranged if your debtor ignores our reminders.


This is how we work:

  • BGR CARAÏBES can take charge of the case as soon as the bill is sent out or whenever you deem it prudent. BGR gets paid on results, so there is no risk to you and a requirement for us to succeed!
  • We offer you a range of custom, scalable options. Our rates are reasonable, clear, without hidden costs, and are fixed to maintain your margins.
  • Our follow-up procedures are not standardized. We put the emphasis on respect and understanding in order to maintain the business relationship you have established with your client.
  • The BGR CARAÏBES intranet website allows you to monitor your cases online. We are also there to ensure that we progress together in a transparent manner.


Rules of professional conduct
A regulated profession

The business of debt recovery is regulated by the decree of December 18th, 1996 which imposes obligations.

With regard to the directors (Article 2):

  • To be able to prove that they have taken out a contract of insurance covering them against the financial consequences of professional liability which they may incur in the course of their business.
  • To be able to prove that they hold an account with a lending institution as described in article 18-1 of the law of January 24th, 1984, or one of the institutions or establishments as described in article 8 of the same law. This account should be reserved exclusively for the receipt of funds collected on behalf of creditors.

Proof of the obligations set out in the preceding paragraphs should be provided, before the start of any business activity, via a declaration in writing by those concerned to be handed or delivered to the Procureur de la République at the Tribunal de Grande Instance within whose jurisdiction the registered office of their business is located. The Procureur de la République may at any time verify that those concerned are complying with the obligations set out in this article.

With regard to the client (Article 3):

The persons mentioned in the first article may not carry out amicable debt collection until a written agreement has been drawn up with the creditor in which they are given the power to receive sums on their behalf.

This agreement should set out the following with precision:

1. The legal grounds and the total amount outstanding, with precise details of the different elements that make up the debt (s) to be recovered from the debtor.

2. The terms and conditions of the guarantee given to the creditor against the financial consequences of the civil liability incurred by the creditors’ debt recovery activity.

3. The conditions for determining the remuneration for which the creditor is responsible.

4. The conditions for repayment of the funds collected on behalf of the creditor.

With regard to the debtor (Article 4):

The person responsible for the amicable debt recovery should send the debtor a letter containing the following information:

1. The names or company names of the person responsible for the amicable debt collection, their address or registered office (siège social), and a statement that they operate an amicable debt recovery business.

2. The names or company names of the creditor, their address or registered office (siège social).

3. The legal grounds and the total amount outstanding in principal, interest, and other items. The different elements of the debt must be itemized and should not include the costs which remain the responsibility of the creditor as set out in the third paragraph of article 32 of the law of July 9th, 1991.

4. A statement of their obligation to pay the outstanding amount and the terms of payment of the debt.

5. A reproduction of the third and fourth paragraphs of article 320 of the law of July 9th, 1991.

Our story

Founded in 1993 by Monsieur Guy DELAHAYE, former administrator of the ANCR.

In 2013 BGR CARAÏBES celebrated 20 years of experience in the service of its clients.

5 million euros

recovered by BGR Caraïbes in 2018


recovery rate for debts outstanding for less than 3 months


A well-qualified and experienced team

All our employees have had solid basic training. They also regularly update their knowledge of techniques for following up debts by phone and in person, and in psychological approaches for dealing with debtors.
All skilled negotiators, our staff guarantee the highest quality of service, because at BGR CARAÏBES we are committed to delivering results and ensuring your complete satisfaction.
Thanks to their tenacity, you're sure to get outstanding results!

The network's strike force

Where legal matters are concerned, BGR CARAÏBES can call on a network of very active partners: lawyers, bailiffs and experts of all kinds.
A highly effective combination of talents, which makes BGR CARAÏBES an effective partner your organisation can rely on.

An online platform with secure access

To ensure that your debts are collected as efficiently as possible, the entire BGR CARAÏBES process is fully electronic.
You and your clients have access to an online platform with secure access where you can view and annotate your case-files and track their progress in real time.
Thanks to this electronic payment service, you clients make their payments, in complete confidentiality, through our website.






Field collection agents


years' experience

Our processes

Debts are a common occurrence and they can have a serious impact on your profit margin. When you call on the services of BGR CARAÏBES, we set various mechanisms in motion to achieve a high recovery rate in a short period of time.

We tailor our debt recovery methods to the different types of debtors.
Each account that is assigned to us is handled personally by a BGR CARAÏBES agent.
He or she will be your sole contact.

At BGR CARAÏBES, our preference for resolving over 80% of unpaid debts is to come to an arrangement with your debtor.

If this is not possible, we will work with you to put together a debt recovery plan: a final demand, a formal notice, notice of legal proceedings, home visits, etc.

You will receive an itemised report in hard copy, in an email or as a digital document which can be viewed online.

We also provide bad debt notices.

You will receive the money collected within 30 days.

Our solutions

Amicable debt recovery

Why should we succeed in recovering your debts when you have not succeeded in-house? We have experience, tools to which you do not have access, a strategic approach, training, availability, and our tenacity.

Judicial debt recovery

Undertaking legal action will enable you to obtain a writ of execution to guarantee your debt for ten years.

Rent collection

We offer solutions for unpaid rent to private, commercial, and social lessors, with eviction being the last resort.

Searches / Investigations

We offer a search service in order to locate and discover the solvency of your debtors.

Why choose us?

By choosing BGR CARAÏBES, which has specialised in the field of debt recovery for 25 years, you are choosing to:

Maintain your good business relationships

Through mediation and listening, we aim to persuade rather than compel.
We follow up your clients who find themselves unintentionally in debt with the utmost tact and integrity. We strive to maintain your good business relationships.

Aim for an amicable settlement

With a wealth of experience in the field of debt recovery, we negotiate and set realistic payment arrangements that reflect each debtor's particular financial situation.
Going about our business firmly but politely, we prefer to collect debts amicably.

Track your cases with the utmost transparency

You are sent regular updates on the progress and results of our interventions.
You can choose to receive an itemised report of the work undertaken in hard copy, as a digital document or in an email. Your cases are processed interactively.
We guarantee to pay your money to you the month after it has been collected.

Only pay us if we get results

Fees are only payable in the event of a successful outcome and are calculated on the basis of the sums actually collected, so you are guaranteed an efficient and speedy service.
Our success depends on collecting as many debts as possible for our clients.

No result - no fee
No legal fees will be incurred without your consent
Home visits by our experienced field collection agents
Online case tracking through our extranet
Bad debt notices issued free of charge
Your money paid to you after 30 days


The BGR CARAÏBES team includes lawyers, portfolio managers and field collection agents who have developed skills in defending debt recovery cases. All skilful negotiators, their primary mission is to collect your debts as quickly and amicably as possible.

MT Conseils manager

Our collaboration with BGR CARAÏBES has been characterised by responsiveness, skill, professionalism, relevance, perseverance and tenacity - proof of the quality and effectiveness of our debt recovery service.

Assurance Outre-Mer
Accounting and Finance Manager at Assurance Outre-Mer



Join BGR Caraïbes

Sales agent


The company
BGR Caraïbes specialises in amicable and legal debt recovery.
We are based in the départements of Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana.
We act in the name and on behalf of creditors to quickly recover unpaid debts.

Job Description
Duties and Responsibilities
- Maintain and develop the existing client relationship
- Canvas new prospects
- Carry out market studies
- Bid for tenders
- Compile reports

Required skills and attributes
- Knowledge of the French overseas départements market
- Interpersonal skills - Adaptability and willingness to listen
- Powers of persuasion
- Good verbal expression
- Rigour and organisational ability
- Analytical skills
- Smart appearance and good self-esteem
- Sense of initiative
- Ability to work in a team

By email: CV + letter of application
Online application via DOMemploi